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With years of global experience in the art of technical rigging, GRAVITY / LINE is poised to help you develop your own skills in the vertical world. Whether your mission is rope rescue, work at height, or remote field safety, we offer solutions that are adapted to fit your unique mission profile. Our instructors have been assessed and qualified at the highest levels from internationally-recognized organizations, including the International Technical Rescue Association (ITRA).

  • Basic to advanced high-angle rope rescue training

  • Terrain specific: urban, mountain, remote

  • Civilian, government, or military organizations

  • Minimalist to robust equipment resources

  • Specialty techniques and highlines

Please reach out to learn more about how GRAVITY / LINE can elevate your mission.

"We appreciate the adaptability of the training curriculum. Our missions are often unpredictable, so we always need to be prepared to solve new problems. Gravity Line sets us up for success with a principles-based approach to rope skills."

- A. Jones, US Air Force Pararescue

"It's incredible how much knowledge is packed into just a few days of training. As a volunteer team, we have a limited budget that we're always trying to make the most of. When Xander shows up, we know we're getting our money's worth."

- R. White, Douglas County Search & Rescue

"We took on a project that was a little bit outside our normal scope in terms of the seriousness of the terrain. We hired Gravity Line to make sure our team had the resources and skills to get in and out of the job site safely."

- M. Dahlman, Colorado Department of Transportation


US/WhatsApp +1 219 793 2676

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