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Italian for "iron path," the concept of via ferrata was born in the Dolomites as a means of accessing serious mountain terrain with the aid of fixed ropes, iron pins, and ladders. After their initial use to move troops and supplies during WWI, the earliest routes were maintained and updated by various European mountain clubs. By the late 1990s, there were thousands of via ferratas throughout Italy, France, and Austria. Mountain communities across the Alps saw these routes as a potential to expand recreational opportunities for both locals and tourists alike, and therefore support a parallel economy.

Only in recent years has the idea of via ferrata made its way to North America. There are still relatively few developed routes, despite the infinite possibilities of the landscape. In 2011, the Ski Area Recreational Opportunity Enhancement Act opened the doors for new summer activities on leased US Forest Service land, including via ferrata. The modest number of installations thus far have been an immense success, providing guided mountaineering adventures to those who seek an authentic experience in spectacular terrain.



GRAVITY / LINE has the diverse expertise to deliver a thrilling via ferrata project from concept to reality. 

Beginning with a survey of potential terrain, GRAVITY /LINE designs, engineers, and installs via ferrata routes on both public and private lands which conform to all ASTM and EN standards. Our professional experience in route development includes the use of various elements such as climbing rungs, cable bridges, ladders, and natural rock features that come together to form a truly unique outdoor adventure. We are the first to pioneer blend of via ferrata and mining history with the famous Gold Mountain Via Ferrata route under the spectacular setting of the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado. GRAVITY / LINE is dedicated to the continued development of via ferratas throughout North America, growing their impact on both tourism economies and on the hearts of adventure seekers.



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